Nasdaq mutual funds missing

I have investments on the NASDAQ handled by Schwab with an active Trade Symbol but Sharesight doesn’t track them. How do we remedy this so I don’t have to upload prices all the time?

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Hi @seancoleman, welcome to the community! :wave:

At this stage, we currently don’t have the data to support US-domiciled mutual funds, which is why they aren’t showing in any search. You can still track these by creating them as a custom investment in Sharesight.

Hey @Jack_Sharesight , do you plan to support US listed mutual funds any time soon? please considered this as a feature request!

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Hey, I signed up today because the FAQ said you’re expecting to support mutual funds by the end of 2021… um it’s end of 2021 so are they going to be supported? If not I need to get my money back please