IE and LU ISIN Codes

Hello there. Is there any news on support for IE (Ireland) and LU (Luxembourg) securities? As per other posts there are a large amount of these ISIN codes used by UK/EU investors and it would be great for there to be support for these.

I use the current workaround of custom investments and importing the prices obtained from the FT historical prices website - but it is time consuming if you have a lot of these types of investment.

Thanks, RickyUK

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve passed this on to our product team :slight_smile:

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I asked that same question about a year ago but got the same answer… I have around 30-40 mutual funds starting with IE or LU across a number of portfolios. In the end, I’ve had to write a program on Python that automatically takes the daily prices on the FT website and uploads them onto Sharesight…

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Sadly I’m not quite at the level of writing Python at the moment, what you’ve done sounds brilliant. is a great source for historical pricing information, just wish they didn’t use that ‘unusual’ date format (Monday, February 21, 2022) - took me hours struggling in Excel to convert this to dd/mm/yyyy! :grinning:

I have exactly the same issue. Having some simple functionality for IE/LU ISINs with publicly available prices should be straightfoward.

A lot of LU & IE funds are now available on Yahoo finance. Some of them even have a downloadable csv price history albeit a short one. I wonder if SS is working on integrating these funds that are quite popular in Europe

They’ve just delisted UK funds so I doubt LU or IE based funds will ever be supported.

It’s actually easier done on the Numbers app (Mac). You only need to select the date column & format it as date (dd/mm/yyyy; time none). I usually also delete all the other columns except the close price & then export it as csv file. Once exported as csv it’s best to open it with a text editor to make sure the first line reads as follows “date, price,” without the quotation marks

In excel, to convert wrongly formatted dates - e.g. American to European, or dates with commas, stops or slashes, you can use the data==>text to columns function and select the date format. The function was not made for thatt purpose, but it is the perfect and instant solution.

Hello. Is there any update on supporting IE and LU securities? This would be extremely helpful!