IE and LU ISIN Codes

Hello there. Is there any news on support for IE (Ireland) and LU (Luxembourg) securities? As per other posts there are a large amount of these ISIN codes used by UK/EU investors and it would be great for there to be support for these.

I use the current workaround of custom investments and importing the prices obtained from the FT historical prices website - but it is time consuming if you have a lot of these types of investment.

Thanks, RickyUK

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve passed this on to our product team :slight_smile:

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I asked that same question about a year ago but got the same answer… I have around 30-40 mutual funds starting with IE or LU across a number of portfolios. In the end, I’ve had to write a program on Python that automatically takes the daily prices on the FT website and uploads them onto Sharesight…

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Sadly I’m not quite at the level of writing Python at the moment, what you’ve done sounds brilliant. is a great source for historical pricing information, just wish they didn’t use that ‘unusual’ date format (Monday, February 21, 2022) - took me hours struggling in Excel to convert this to dd/mm/yyyy! :grinning:

I have exactly the same issue. Having some simple functionality for IE/LU ISINs with publicly available prices should be straightfoward.

A lot of LU & IE funds are now available on Yahoo finance. Some of them even have a downloadable csv price history albeit a short one. I wonder if SS is working on integrating these funds that are quite popular in Europe

They’ve just delisted UK funds so I doubt LU or IE based funds will ever be supported.

It’s actually easier done on the Numbers app (Mac). You only need to select the date column & format it as date (dd/mm/yyyy; time none). I usually also delete all the other columns except the close price & then export it as csv file. Once exported as csv it’s best to open it with a text editor to make sure the first line reads as follows “date, price,” without the quotation marks

In excel, to convert wrongly formatted dates - e.g. American to European, or dates with commas, stops or slashes, you can use the data==>text to columns function and select the date format. The function was not made for thatt purpose, but it is the perfect and instant solution.

Hello. Is there any update on supporting IE and LU securities? This would be extremely helpful!

Still no word on the support on IE* and LU* ISIN codes.
This would be very helpful, an update on any plans to support this would be appreciated.

I asked about three years ago and received the same answer. Not sure they are too interested in European clients. There are many LU/IE (Luxemburg/Ireland) based funds. Secondly I am not why ISIN cannot be used to look -up. I would nice if Sharesight could respond with honest explanations rather than ‘passing on requests to management’.


I’m wondering if any Sharesight staff actually look at this forum, many of the questions and comments posted seem to go unanswered.

I think Sharesight is a very good tool overall, and probably the best offering available at the moment (at least for UK customers), however it does have many limitations.

The biggest issues for me is lack of support for IE/LU ISINs and no functionality to create UK Capital Gains Tax reports. I appreciate the latter is probably difficult and dependent on individual circumstances but am sure the technical expertise of Sharesight could at least provide a report that outlines disposals and proceeds from those disposals.


Hi there,
Sharesight now supports the tracking of Irish funds. We will further update you once we support the Luxembourg domiciled funds.
We apologies for any inconvenience caused on this.

I have just seen that you are now supporting IE funds but are we going to be able to convert IE (and ultimately LU fund) from our manually set up custom codes to the IE or LU market codes?

You can either use a ‘Move to a listed Instrument’ or a ‘merge’ feature to convert custom investment to the listed instruments on Sharesight.

I was trying to use “Move to a Listed Instrument” but found it did not allow to select the appropriate market for the investment. Investment I was trying to move IE00B737Q755
is denominated in USD so choices were limited to US markets. IE & LU can have investment denominated in various currencies and need to be enabled in the “Move” function.

I didn’t want to use Merge option as it removed part of the trade history that is important to my client & their advisers

Hi there, apology for the inconvenience casued on this. The ‘Move to a listed Instrument’ feature only allows you to move your custom investment to a listed instrument if the country of domicile is same for both of them unfortunately.
If you do not wish to use a merge feature then other workaround here could be

  • adding the trades manually under a listed instrument (if you have fewer trades)
  • if you have a lot of trades, download the csv file via ‘All Trade Report’ and import the trades under the listed instrument.

Please reach out to us on if you require further help on this.

Thats great news about support for IE (Irish) funds. I was unable to use the ‘Move into listed security’ functionality as my holding is in GBP, not Euros. I could however add the security as new and re-enter the single buy trade again, then delete the custom investment.

Thanks for adding support for these funds, this saves a lot of hassle retrieving daily prices and importing.

Please can you guys now focus on supporting the LU (Luxembourg) funds and look again at the functionality of ‘Move into listed security’ - for this to work I think we’d need an option to choose the currency (for me most of my LU funds are in GBP, one is in USD).