Problem loading Opening Bal for a particular fund? HELP :)

Hi - apologies if this is not the correct place to ask.

Iโ€™m trying to load opening balances from a csv file - and all are ok (now :slight_smile: ) apart from ISIN IE00B8449Z10:GBP (Federated Hermes Asia exJpn Eq F GBP Acc) and I cant work out how to Identify the fund, so that it loads into a portfolio. Any help or suggestion very welcome :slight_smile: have tried Bloomberk Ticker, using FundUK:isin no but closest I can find are Pension Fund variants (for USA I think) wj

should it be in the format FundUK:isin ? or with the IE, is there a way to show it as Irish Fund? wj

Hi! So we currently support Irish Domiciled funds in Sharesight, which is why it doesnโ€™t show in a search.

You can still add the fund by adding it in as a custom investment.