Time of investment and gain %

Hey everyone,

I am a new user and I’d like to suggest some new features probably simple to create, but very useful.

The first regards reporting capital gains performance. I see you use the annualised base to emphasize the adjustment you have to do on the time, I got it, in fact if you don’t you have a misleading information.

I could agree with this explanation, but it works just if you show the time orizon of the investment! Please: show, for example, it is 2,4 years I have that holding. If you do, than the pa visualization starts to be useful, meaningful in comparison to others. Otherwise to extract meaning from it we always have to calculate the time and it is stupid since you already do.

And second, please, show also the total % Gain performance. May be in parenthesis, small, under the pa based one, but really it is just unacceptable for me not being able to know what’s the total performance I am doing now.


Agreed, to both points.

It would be useful to be able to see the average years invested (AYI) somewhere near the pa % returns for context on the calculation being done by Sharesight.

Also to be able to switch between annualised %'s and total gain % at both the portfolio and holding level. Perhaps a 3rd option under the switch at the top (currently monetary vs % gains).

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Thanks a lot! You are doing a great work. Love the platform and overall the fact that it is always evolving and getting better!

Would also be great to have the option between money weighted and time weighted gains! But I know I’m asking for too much :slight_smile:

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Are you still planning to do so?
I think it’s a great missing and I find it very problematic to calculate it on my own.
Please can you give us a feedback on that?

Hi @Pde, just to clarify, I do not work for Sharesight. I’m just a user agreeing with your original point and adding some of my own thoughts.