Total Return figure


I have a query relating to the “Total Return” figure for an individual stock. In my filters i select “Since first purachse” and “Show percentage gains” but the “Total return” figure seems to be a Per Anum calculation. Since i have selected “Since first purchase” in the filters why is the Total Return shown on a Per Anum basis?

For example, i have a stock with multple buys over a date range that spans nearly 2 years. In total i have purchased say $10,000 worth of the stock and if i sold today i would receive $18,000 so this is an 80% gain. However Sharesight displays this as 50% to me because of the Per Anum calculation.


Hi @David15 the return % in Sharesight is annualised. We do not provide cumulative return % at the moment.
However, there are instances where you will not see the annualised return in Sharesight;

  • If your invested period or selected date range is less than one year, the return % will be a total return (absolute return).
  • If you don’t see ‘p.a’ on the return percentage for a holding or portfolio that is older than 12 months, that is because there was a substantial capital inflow into the portfolio (or holding) that reduced the average years invested (AYI) to less than 12 months, hence the ‘p.a’ becomes hidden.
    For more information, please refer to our help page on performance calculation methodology in this link.

Ok. Thanks for the info. Seems strange that there is now cumilative return figure available though. It would be great if this could be added as a new feature sometime.