Restructure this Community site

I am trying to give feedback on various issues I see with the interface, but this community is essentially an unstructured heap of entries with feature requests, bugs, ideas, remarks. Now I get it. You start with good intentions and after years of organic growth having used a simple system in the early days you end up with this mess.

It would be highly beneficial for both the community of users and Sharesight staff to have some structure in this community site. This would save us a lot of time in finding issues reported and adding comments instead of replicating requests endlessly in a sprawl.

Come on Sharesight, you have UI, UX, information architects, database devs… How difficult can it be?

Really curious to see how you currently manage to extract all this valuable input from us and manage it from a product development point of view…

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I agree.
If we could see feedback group by report, screen or function it would be a lot easier to add feedback that hasnt been raised before.

Another feature would be able to vote on ideas for improvement.
Then it would be easy for the product management team to see what changes have strong support or value to customers

Also Sharesight could be a much better product if there was better engagement with customers.