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I know this may sound novice, but I would love to learn more about the features of Sharesight and the advantages from someone local to me , with probably more experience. Is there anyway that I / we can contact similar Sharesight parties in our local area ? Even if to bounce issues/ideas off each other. I would love to know if anybody feels the same as myself. Cheers , Bronwyn


I think that’s a great idea! Maybe you could create a post under the Sharesight Features category for your country to get a discussion started.

Two , for trading , "best " books imo come to mind , Trading for a Living by Dr Alexander Elder and Trend Following by Michael Covel . Second one is about 5 kg , can be used to beat intruders too :slight_smile:

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I’ve just signed up and you guys are ripping me off double charging me for a monthly and yearly cycle on the same day and won’t refund my money. Who can i talk to that’s not this stupid chat support popup?

Hi @juang we do not double charge if you renew your subscription early. If you renew early, your billing cycle gets adjusted according to your payment. If you have any account specific matter, please get in touch with our support team via the chat window or email us at support@sharesight.com.

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So would I!! I see bits and pieces on Facebook that I didn’t know existed with Sharesight - I need a “for dummies” course in reports definitely!!

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Farming, good to see you here. I heard on the SA forum that you would be lurking here :slight_smile:
I trust you health is OK

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Health is great , Lockdown too :slight_smile:

Good to see you Farmer, I (and many others) miss your words of wisdom at the other place……

Hi Soupy , as old Sam would say :slight_smile: I feel bad the old man got hurt and left due to political discussions that escalated ( mind you lot of that was my fault ) . Lockdown is wearing me down a bit , in the past I used to complain that kids and grandkids are a handful but now I can’t see them and it’s not the way to live tbh . Anyway , investing is going great atm as I’m sure yours is too , we have had it far too easy. Everyone seems to know everything these days , reminds me of me when I was young ha ha :slight_smile: Cheers and hope normality returns soon .

SK , I managed to finally log into Discord , few of the old boys are there if you are interested .

Hi, I’m looking at registering a small APRA fund to avail the benefits of an SMSF without the compliance headaches. I’m keen to spread the costs of the fund by adding a few friends or family members (you can have up to 6 apparently). Is anyone of a similar mindset?
You keep separate member balances and investment portfolios and everything is handled by professional trustees, so no chance of funds being misused, or other members’ investment choices affecting your balance. Seems a no brainer to me, especially for someone who may not have a large enough super balance to justify going it alone with an SMSF.
Anyone doing this already? I’m not offering advice. Just asking if anyone has considered this or is already doing this?