Reset 'Unconfirmed' flag


When editing an Income entry I sometimes have only ‘part’ of the information I need to edit at hand in that moment.

For example I can see many entries I will need to edit my tax withheld field, because I can see on my statement there are slight differences in % withheld from the defaults provided on each dividend automatically entered by Sharesight.

I will edit just the 1 or 2 fields but in some cases I may not have ‘say’ the exchange rate data to hand, so I intend to update that field in a later edit (hours, days, weeks later).

I would like to be able to still flag this transaction as ‘Unconfirmed’ until I have finished editing ALL the parts I need to work on.

(Currently my only option to revert the transaction back to ‘Unconfirmed’ is to undo all manual edits)

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