Can I update all "unconfirmed transactions" with a single click?

Can I confirm 100s of transactions with a single click?

I don’t want to spend time clicking through each security and then confirming each dividend for each security individually.

My portfolio has nearly 100 stocks, each of which have a number of “unconfirmed” dividends for the last 5 years. That means my portfolio is showing literally 100s of “unconfirmed transactions”. (all dividends on for the last 5 years).

I would like to bring it up to date by confirming everything with a single click.

If I were to try and do it line by line, it would probably take more than a day’s work.

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I have the same problem, when I get answers I don’t understand them!

@trickyt57 @PeterH welcome to the community! :wave:

In short, this function doesn’t exist on the overview page, but you can do this within the individual holding page itself. We’ve got a help article (I’ve added this below) on how to do this:

Thanks. I have discovered that I can do it for all transactions on a holding by holding basis. As I have 100 holdings, it’s still quite a lot of work to visit each one individually. However assuming each stock had an average of two dividends a year for 5 years, it’s a lot easier than clicking each dividend individually which would be about 1000 dividends.