Is there an easier way to confirm transactions

• I find confirming transactions cumbersome and inefficient. It is good to be able to see the unconfirmed transactions in the Overview but to confirm each transaction I need to click on the holding, click on “edit” under all income then confirm the transaction. I always verify the transaction against my bank statement. After that I can’t just hit return to go back to the Overview but have to reload the Overview which is a bit slow. if I am catching up with multiple confirmations, which I do when checking against bank statements, this becomes very slow and tedious. In addition, the icon in the overview also shows upcoming transactions but that is not obvious until I have entered into the details of the holding. In that case I just go back to the Overview but again, that is a slowish process. It would be much more efficient if the hover over the icon in the Overview actually showed basic details - date and amount of the transaction. It would also be great if, on seeing this information, I could just confirm directly from there rather than having to enter the holding then go back to the Overview. It would save a great deal of time. If the date and amount matches the bank statement I would be confident all the details are correct. If not, I could then go into the holding to change details.


I agree, the confirming process a little long winded, specially when you have a lot of stocks.

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I dont confirm it and I dont see a reason why I should do it. I just check sometimes if numbers are correct. Its still counted so why bother.

Each to his own Grovestre. I run my investments as I would run a business. All transactions need to be crosschecked so I verify the Sharesight expected figures against what actually gets into the bank account. On occasions, it does get the figures incorrect. In one instance it helped me discover a new purchase was not correctly linked to a bank account and dividends were being held. There is a reason the software is designed to be checked - I am just asking for it to be made easier. I don’t think a “sometimes” check is suitable as we are looking for exceptions, not checking if the overall process works.