Realised US capital gains in Australian Financial Year

How do I determine what my realised capital gains or losses are on US dollar securities. I am trying to determine this over the Australian Financial year date range - ie. July-1 until June-30. The program knows how to do this when looking at Aussie dollar securities, but for some reason does not show hot to do this with US denominated. Thanks to anyone who can advise on this.


It definitely does this for me. But they are not separated from the local stocks by exchange when you export it. The stocks appear alphabetically.

Can you paste the url to the report that does this. Or, can you indicate the menu items or reports you select so I can trace what you found?

I only care about a single overall capital gains amount for US shares over the Australian FY. I don’t need further granular detail than this top level number.

Hi Rick
The Capital Gains Tax Report gives you the realised capital gains on all shares including US and any other country over the financial year. Note you must be in a single Portfolio to get this report. It is on the reports screen in the section Tax. It splits the US like the Australian into long and short term capital gains. It does not split them by country, you would need export as excel and split yourself if you need this.
You can see your capital gains (realised and unrealised) by market or by country on the normal overview screen or the performance report. At the top you need to select to sort by Country or by Market. This includes both realised and unrealised gains unless you exclude sold shares in which case it will only show you the unrealised gains.


Thanks for the detailed reply. Much appreciated!