Tracking capital gain distributions from US-based funds

I hold some US-based ETFs in my Australian-tax-resident portfolio. Some of them (e.g. BND, BNDX) have from time to time distributed capital gains (long and short term) alongside the regular distribution (of interest, in the case of these bond funds).

For Australian ETFs, the distribution screen allows for splitting distributions into various components, including capital gain, but for US funds there is only “net payment”. Putting capital gain into this field will result in incorrect income and capital gain reporting at tax time, and omitting these distributions would also result in incorrect reporting.

Is there any work-around that will allow me to track these capital gains correctly in Sharesight?

Hi @Rodos it will be best if our support team can look into some details. Could you please get in touch with out support team via chat or email ( with a sample statement to assist you further on this?