Have ETF distribution components been loaded in Sharesight? FY21

Hi guys,

Have the ETFs distribution components been loaded in Sharesight for FY21?

In previous years there was a light bulb in the income report ,now gone. When talking to support last year they advised an email would be sent when this has happened, but I have received nothing.

Has the info been loaded yet?

How can we tell if it has indeed been loaded?


Hi @Jon welcome to the community! :tada:

We have updated the ETF distribution components for the data we’ve received for the below funds:

For any funds not listed above, you can input your figures from the statement you would have received from the ETF by following our guide below:

Thank you for that - much appreciated.

Is there a way to know when this data has been updated or do I need to checkin here with you every year?

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We usually receive the data around September sometime when the funds release this information.

You can always update and manually enter the components yourself as soon as you receive your tax statement from the provider :+1: