Australian tax 2022 - ETF components now updated for FY 2021-2022

Early last night our development team has loaded the AMIT components for the following ETFs for the 2021-2022 financial year :rocket:


ETFs from:

  • Betashares
  • Russell
  • Vaneck
  • iShares
  • Vanguard

When using the Taxable Income Report, ensure that the investment data (units held) is correct in your portfolio as shown in your brokerage account. It’s also worth confirming any DRPs are entered correctly as well. If your investment data is incorrect, you’ll see discrepancies in the report to what you received from the provider in your end-of-year tax statement.

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I put the AMIT values in manually a few weeks ago when i received the statements from the providers. How could I check that the ones imported into Sharesight automatically are the same?

So if you have manually entered the components and then clicked ‘save and confirm’ in the Taxable Income Report, these values will be the ones used. We don’t override a manual input :+1: