Australian ETF Components now updated for FY 2022-2023

We’ve now loaded distribution components data for financial year 2022-2023 for the following ETF providers:

Global X (previously ETFS)

Make sure your Sharesight portfolio is up-to-date with the loaded ETF components data by following the steps outlined in this video.

I have also added an additional guide below.

I had already entered my ETF componenets for VDHG but decided to reset to see what happens. Values entered by Sharesight on the tax income report were a few cents off what was in the statement issued by Vanguard so corrected this. Unfortunately this stuffed up all the distribution entries and subsequent DRP values so that my share balance no longer matched what is in my brokerage account. I have had to go back and reset and adjust each distribution for the financial year.

Is there a way to avoid this in future? I noticed the few cents adjustment in the Taxable Inome Report resulted in dispraportionately large changes in each of the four components next to each value.

Actually, it just seems to be caused when attempting to amend the Taxable Income Report to match the Annual Statement from Vanguard. Here is a screenshot of what Sharesight wants to do if I try to correct by a few cents (original values were $3,823.02 and $29,631.31):

The oversized changes get propagated back to the distribution entries which stuff up the DRP amounts.

Is this a known issue or just me? :confused: