Preparing AU CGT Schedule in Tax Return for Aus and US Shares

If we have over $10K Capital Gain or Loss in the financial year then in addition to filling out the CGT Net Gain, we also need to fill in the CGT Schedule. This schedule requires Gain and Loss data for Australian shares and Overseas Shares as they are two separate items. But the Sharesight CGT Report is a single report showing both Aus and US shares.

How do I get a separate sections for both Aus and US shares to identify the realised Gains and Losses for the last FY? Ideally, at the bottom of the CGT Report, we should detail the Gains and Losses for Local and Overseas shares as this would help us to fill out the CGT Schedule. Doing this manually by going through all the transactions is a painful tedious task. Instead of building my own database, the whole purpose of using Sharesight is to simply this so I hope many others who trade Aus and US shares would require this feature.

Has any one worked out any other method or report to extract this information?

Hi @msharabi , Thanks for joining the Community.
I share the sold securities report with my accountant for this as it includes the relevant detail. I’ll share your feedback regarding extending the CGT report to include the requisite data for the schedule with the relevant team, thank you for your feedback.

@Jessinv_Sharesight Thanks for the reply. I am the one who does the tax for myself so I am the accountant as well.
Yes, I can download the Sold securities report in Excel and move the stocks around to separate them as ASX and US. But this is an additional burden for us. This is much simpler to report from Sharesight as you have all the required information at the DB end.

Thanks for taking this feedback with the team at Sharesight.