Realised Unrealised Capital Gains

It would be great if there was a single report in Sharesight that gave realised and unrealised capital gains through the time period selected. You need this for an SMSF in Australia. The current Capital Gains Tax Report is for realised gains and the performance report includes both realised and un realised gains so you currently have to remember to take this off the total gains to get the unrealised gains only.

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@goronwyprice in terms of the total gain, are you looking to get a report showing basically what is on the overview page/individual holding page? Or are you looking at a combinations of the two reports in terms of parcel allocation?

Mainly it is for reporting for the End Of Financial Year SMSF statement but it its handy to know as a performance indicator too. It would good in the screen where you look at the detailed view of any share to know what your realised and unrealised gains were. So say I purchased 4 of stock X at $50, sold half at $75 and the current price is $100, my realised gain would be $50 and my unrealised gain $100 on that stock.