Raiz Trade Confirmations

I’m trying to monitor my Raiz Invest portfolio through Sharesight, because the analytics in Raiz are too simple (and I have other portfolios to monitor, so keep it all in one place).
I have half a dozen years of historical trades to load, and the way to do this is via forwarding of Trade Confirmation emails. A bit tedious, but do-able…

Anyhow, I found that several raiz trades are dividend reinvestments, which doesn’t seem supported by Sharesight.

Any tips or tricks for this?

OK, I found out that Importing via CSV is much better than using Trade Confirmation emails.

The CSV export from Raiz is basically already in Sharesight import format, and the dividend reinvestments are simply exported as “just another purchase”. I just had to correct a Stock Split that Sharesight identified but didn’t calculate the correct number of shares to the right decimals places (Raiz account is quite low value!). Fortunately, easy enough to find the transaction in Raiz and enter the correct split quantity.

The overall holdings and portfolio reconcile ($0.01 out, so assume rounding).
The Capital Gains vs Dividends are out though. Raiz seems correct in terms of cash investments made to the Raiz account. So Raiz Portfolio Value less Dividends less Capital gains = Cash Contributions. Sharesight does not… Need some investigation, but overall value is OK and that is main thing I’m tracking (I use Raiz reports for tax / accounting).

I would recommend the Blog/Article about importing from Raiz be updated to change from using Trade Confirmation emails to importing from CSV.