Primewest Centuria Merger

Does anyone know how to deal with this corporate action in Sharesight?

I would have thought the Sharesight would have put some instructions up for this - but they dont appear to have?

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Hi @RobB, welcome to the forum!

With this merger there are two components that need to be dealt with; the cash received (if this applies to you) and the shares in Centuria received. Details of the offer can be found in this Centuria statement.

Firstly, with the $0.20 received, you would need to manually enter a return of capital trade on your Primewest holding. All you need to enter here is the total dollar amount received which would be $0.2 x the shares you hold in Primewest.

Once this is entered, select the merge tool to transfer your Primewest shares to Centuria. The offer states you receive 0.473 units in Centuria for 1 Primewest share, so calculate the amount you receive and enter this in the units field on the merge form.

Hit submit and then the merger is complete! :+1: