How to handle corporate mergers paid with multiple stocks and cash

Hello Sharesight folks,
I’d like to know how to handle corporate mergers that are paid with a combination of 2 different stocks and cash in Sharesight.

For example, Brookfield Property Partners (BPY) merging with Brookfield Asset Management (BAM).

For every 1 BPY share owned, BPY shareholders received:
$7.69 in cash, 0.2185 BAM shares and 0.0230 BPY preferred units

I am familiar with the merge holding functionality in Sharesight, however this only works if one share is being replaced with another.
I also know to add the cash received, we add a “return of capital” transaction to the original holdings before executing the merge.

The issue in this situation is, one share is being replaced with 2 different shares, and I don’t see a place where we enter the 2 different shares for the merger.
Can anybody please show me how to handle this in Sharesight?

Thanks so much,