Corporate Actions from Stake into Sharesight?

Hi All,

I recently created a new portfolio to then import my entire Stake Transactions history to undertake some analysis, However I have noticed it has not picked up the corporate actions tab from the Stake generated transaction report spreadsheet?

Things such as stock splits, spinoffs and mergers.

I have also noticed for example UTX in sharesight has continued to track div payment beyond the 01/04/20 merger to RTX,

Are people going in and individually inputted these events post the bulk upload, I assume this is the only way to avoid invalid holdings? is there a way that sharesight or stake can include these events in the bulk upload process. I don’t believe a trade confirmation is generated from these events which may half the issue.

Any assistance would be helpful.

Hi @KNOX, typically splits/consolidations and other events should automatically update in Sharesight. It would be best to contact our support team (if you haven’t already) to get advice specific to your situation.

You can reach us through the bottom-right chat icon in Sharesight :+1: