Manually entering a stock split

Hi. I’m a new user. I have downloaded a csv from Ameritrade with previous transactions that I want to enter into my portfolio. However, there was a stock split during the period, and so some transactions were at a lower price for a greater amount of shares, and then the other war around. The system will only allow me to mark transactions as buy or sell, so I’m not sure how to account for the split. I’m wondering if I should go back to the transactions that predated the split and adjust each manually??

Hey @MarkGold welcome to the community! :tada:

We receive all information on stock splits from our data provider, so once you import your buy & sell trades, the stock split will be created automatically based on the information you have imported!

Thank you. So I should delete the transactions that got downloaded on the csv with the trades that reflect the “mandatory reverse split”?

Yeah, you’ll only want to import buy and sell trades, anything else isn’t necessary as we generate all that information! :grinning: