Mergers and Acquisitions

In what will be a fortnightly recurring new thread, I’ll be updating any mergers/corporate actions that the Sharesight team has received queries about in the past two weeks. If you have a merger or corporate action that isn’t addressed, drop the ticker codes in this thread and I’ll update with the steps for how to handle this in Sharesight :+1:

The GSK:LSE /Haleon (HLN:LSE) demerger and consolidation:

  1. The first step would be figuring out how the book cost gets apportioned between GSK and HLN. According to the notice it is to be determined based on the opening prices on the date of the merger and this announcement outlines the ratio to be approximately 81.84% GSK : 18.16% HLN.
  2. Go to the holding page of GSK and click ‘enter a new trade or adjustment’.
  3. Record date 18 July 2022, Trade type: adjust the cost base and enter the demerger ratio as below in the demerger calculator:

  1. Sharesight will automatically calculate the cost base reduction as circled above based on your cost base. Note down this amount.

  2. Add HLN as a buy trade in your portfolio for 18 July 2022. You should receive 1 HLN share for each GSK share held on 18 July 2022. Buy price should be [reduced cost base noted in step 4/ number of HLN shares allocated].

The consolidation of GSK shares should take place on 19 July and I couldn’t find the ratio on this in any announcement. Usually, the consolidations are automated in Sharesight, but we are yet to receive any information on this consolidation from our data provider.


How do I treat the Amcom (AMM) acquisition by Vocus (VOC) on 8th July 2015 resulting in a consolidation of shares. Thanks.


Can you please advise how to treat the Pendal / Perpetual merger for Pendal shareholders? Cheers


How do I handle PDL takeover by PPT in Sharesight.


Please advise the steps to update the portfolio in sharesight for PDL acquisition by PPT.


Can you please advise how to treat the PDL / PPT merger


Did you find out how to do this

Unfortunately not <

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Hi there,
Please follow the steps below to enter the Perpetual and Pendal merger into sharesight.

  1. Add a return of capital trade on Pendal holdings for the amount your received. Trade date= 16/01/2023 ( ($1.615 per Pendal Share).)
  2. Go to the holding settings option at the bottom right corner of Pendal Holding.
  3. Select Merge this holding .
  4. Set the date to 16/01/2023 and add PPT.ASX.
    5.Add the new quantity of PPT (if you have 7 Pendal shares, you will receive 1 PPT share)
  5. Save the trade.

Please reach out to if you require further help on this.


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Thanks Roshan.

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Can you please help me with tassel group. So far I’ve entered ‘return of capital’ and the amount. They were bought out by a Canadian company so longer listed on the ASX

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2005 HDF changed to 2012 APA, sold in 2022 trying to work out cost base

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Hi @Salpal is this the salmon company Tassal? For TGR (Tassal Group), if you still own the shares when they got acquired by Aquaculture Australia, you just need to add a sell trade with the details below and save the trade to close off your position. The capital gain will get reflected in the CGT Report.

Trade date: 14/11/2022
Price: $5.235
Quantity: Full

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Is demerger & acquisition terminology same as a swap?

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Hi, How to record the recent BKL (Blackmores) Scheme and the acquisition of all BKL shares by Kirin.

You receive cash only
– Add a sell trade trade at the price you were offered if you no longer hold BKL shares or

You receive shares only in new company
– Use Merge this holding

You receive both cash and shares in new company
– Add a Return of capital trade or a Dividend trade

– Use Merge this holding

Can you please add JPS to JPC? Details below:

The merger of Nuveen Preferred and Income Fund (JPS) and Nuveen Preferred & Income Securities Fund (JPT) into Nuveen Preferred & Income Opportunities Fund (JPC) has several implications for your JPS shares. On November 6, 2023, this merger was successfully completed, resulting in the consolidation of assets under JPC’s management, which became the largest among listed preferred securities closed-end funds. The assets and liabilities of JPT and JPS were acquired by JPC, and the common shares of JPT and JPS were converted to newly-issued common shares of JPC​​.

As a JPS shareholder, your shares were converted to JPC shares based on a specific exchange ratio determined by the closing net asset values on November 3, 2023. For JPS, this exchange ratio was 0.98887768. This means for each share of JPS, you would receive approximately 0.989 shares of JPC. The goal of this merger was to create a larger fund with potentially lower net operating expenses, enhanced earnings potential, and increased trading volume on the exchange for common shares​​​

Merger of ENA and PSI.
Can you please advise on how to handle in Sharesight?

Merger of AKE and Livent. New CDI’s are ticker LTM.


Hey team is there an update for Allkem Limited(AKE) Acquired by Arcadium Lithium plc (LTM) - January 2024