New holding page

Is anyone else frustrated by the changes to the holding page?

It is so much more difficult to tab to the information I’m interested in at any moment, then tab back etc etc rather than a simple scroll!

PLEASE leave the ability to set our own preference for layout if you insist on this new complicated design!

I support constant improvement and agree that the holdings page was looking a bit tired. The new format is nice and clean, no doubt lots of work from the team.

That said I tend to agree that having it all on a single page worked better for me - e.g. I was just on the trades tab and wanted the current price to compare to earlier trades and had to tab back to the other page to get current price.

Hi @chocbudda

Thanks for your feedback re the new holding page. We re-design the holding page for 3 key reasons:

  1. Performance
  2. Navigation
  3. New functions

Customers who have large amount of trades or dividends (>500 transactions) often experience slow load time or even time out. Breaking up each section in the holding page into ‘tabs’ helps improve loading speed.

We have customers who have difficulties looking for information, anything from how to delete a holding, turn on DRP, to cost base per share information. The new design address this through modularity card design.

New features/functions
Perhaps the most important of all is that the new holding page opens up the door for us to start building more new features in the holding page that many of our customers have been asking for. The previous design has limited space to add new things without cluttering up the page by making it too long and impossible to navigate. The current design addresses this.

@mwse that is a good point. If we plot all historical buy/sell on the graph (like how we show dividends on the graph), would that make it easier for you to compare earlier trades with current price without moving between those tabs (I assume you’re comparing prices rather than other data like quantity or total purchase value etc)

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Thanks @RickyYeo for prompt reply and clear explanation. I understand it’s a balancing act to address everyone’s needs - and agree the format needed a refresh.

Plotting trades as suggested on the price chart would address my need. Thank you

PS The ‘Manage prices/ Enter a price’ section from the old holdings page - for custom investments - needs to come across to the new page. Perhaps include the old ‘Instrument Prices’ page as a separate tab that appears for custom investments

Thanks @mwse I’m thinking something like ‘B’ and ‘S’ icon plotted on the graph. Hovering it would display the price you bought or sold.

For the custom investment, we are going to add a link under ‘Price comparison’ section that takes you directly to the custom investment page where you can update the price. We should have that in the next 1-2 days.

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Hi Ricky,

Like some of the other readers I also preferred the old format but guessed that some of the changes might be for back end performance (i.e. not displaying a large list of trades as you have indicated).

I know the page is still a work in progress, but I would really appreciate the ability to change the custom groupings of a holding (bottom of the first page) using dropdowns as per the old page’s functionality. Right now there is only a link to the Manage Custom Groups screen. That particular screen is particularly cumbersome to use on an ipad (the dragging and dropping is pretty bad). My use case is also that when I get a new holding, I generally assign all its custom groups on the home page. I have 7 different custom groupings (so realise that maybe that is more than the average user) to track things such as: Alignment to my asset allocation targets, where the key source of stock came from, whether I need to do manual updates on a regular basis, my next action (watchlist, dispose, penalty box etc), which benchmark to compare stock performance against, whether stock is eligible for options trading or not.

Thanks for your consideration … love the product and am a big user of it.

Some fundamental data should be visible across all of the new tabs - current price would be an example

Thanks @RickyYeo that works for me

Thx @Tristan - agree!

@RickyYeo - this grouping functionality is v important for me too.

Confirming automatic transactions (e.g. dividend payments) is more annoying on the new layout. Firstly there’s an extra click over to the tab, but more importantly the confirmation page itself doesn’t show the name of the holding anywhere. If you switch away from the page to check ComputerShare or your bank statement or whatever, you easily can forget which holding you’re working on.

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Hi @Rodos the dividend confirmation page has the holding information at the top. Just want to check if you are referring to the same page here. Let us know.

The page you show has no holding detail…

Also the page prior to this “Trades and Income” doesn’t show any holding details, it requires clicking back to the summary page to see these details.

Loading time is no faster when you require the need to get to the information you require when going to a Holdings page!

I’d say it’s slower, with the summary page rarely providing the information we’ve come there to consider, requiring an extra click (after it’s loaded) and a further wait for the trades tab to open.

ALL this feedback was given when they changes were offered as a preview. I presume you checked how many users chose that layout at that point?

A main and regular reason we go to this holdings page is to confirm or check dividends, we now click to get to the summary page and still see a “reminder” on yet another click to the correct income tab followed by a scroll and confirm.

To me, pressing “confirm” should accept the details as displayed with an "edit option (as it used to be)…

This is very frustrating stuff

Hi @Piumi_Sharesight the page I was referring to is the previous one (URL /holdings/nnnnnn/bulk_confirmations) It looks like this:

How long will the old (or classic) holding page be available for? I agree with others that the new format is not my preference. Whereas currently I have all I need on screen or via a quick mouse scroll down, the new holding page requires a scroll to see the basics and then a tab change to see the rest.
Can the old holding page not be retained available as an optional “classic view” for those users that preferred it’s simplicity?

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Thanks for that feedback @Tristan . I can see where you’re coming from. Just curious do you have to frequently change a holding’s custom group category or is this more when you bought something new? It sounds like you use your custom group in a more ‘dynamic’ way so you have to change it quite regularly.

Hi @Gmozz the old layout will likely be deprecated in the next 1-2 weeks. I agree that you can see most of the information in the old layout (you still need to click on the sidebar to see things like cost base information). Just curious what kind of information do you normally look at in that page? Is it the trades, dividends, or other things like news etc?

I’d like to say in my use of the website - (which remains amazing) I have NEVER found the information I’m looking for on the “summary page”

It has always been a hurdle to pass getting to the info I need.

Coupled with the fact that current position and price aren’t visible on the trades screen has me constantly switching screens.

If you HAD to improve something, take a look at - THAT would be useful - or get a professional to look at your backend and quicken that database up!
I still can’t get the performance reports to run on a consolidated view - hell even the basic overview fails to load if I combine all portfolios