Current Holding Report

• I would love to see an exportable “Current Holdings Report”
• I basically just needs to be an exportable replica of the front/main page in usual pdf/csv aspects.
• Frequently want to reconcile my Sharesight transactions/holdings against my broker based holdings (SuperHero) to ensure I have uploaded transaction details in sharesight currently.
• Without this feature I have do complete a manual split screen reconcilation.
Would be great to have a CSV export that you can complete with other CSVs to complete a reconcilation in Excel etc.

  • Very happy for sharesight to discuss with me.
  • Very simple and information already provided as part of the free offfering.

Hey @DanK, welcome to the forum!

I believe you can achieve this by running the Performance Report to show open positions only and filtering the date range to since the first purchase. This will give you the current shares you have on hand & their current value at the time of running the report.

You’ll be able to download this into Excel or PDF documents as well :+1: