Disable currency gains in Performance Report

I just tried new holding page and what a disaster. The same information like in the old one but on 5 pages instead of one.

Anyone who released this should be fired immediatelly for incompetence. There are hundreds of needed new features and you waste time making something existing worse. Congratulations.

If you want to be usefull than add performance reports with swichable curreny gains on and off. Even companies report results including currency and excluding currency.


Hi @grovestre I’ve updated this post title hope that’s okay.

Thanks for your feedback re the new holding page. We re-design the holding page for 3 key reasons:

  1. Performance
  2. Navigation
  3. New functions

Customers who have large amount of trades or dividends (>500 transactions) often experience slow load time or even time out. Breaking up each section in the holding page into ‘tabs’ helps improve loading speed.

We have customers who have difficulties looking for information, anything from how to delete a holding, turn on DRP, to cost base per share information. The new design address this through modularity card design.

New features/functions
Perhaps the most important of all is that the new holding page opens up the door for us to start building more new features in the holding page that many of our customers have been asking for. The previous design has limited space to add new things without cluttering up the page by making it too long and impossible to navigate. The current design addresses this.

We always look forward for more feedbacks on how we can improve this further. Thanks!

Totally agree with comments. This feature is yet another useless function that is unusable in my world. Not helpful. What would be helpful is if the Sharesight PM’s would take feedback from subscribers and execute on the requests!

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Hi @Maury your feedback on ability to save Multi-period report’s setting is on point. I agree with you on this one.