Morningstar/Sharesight Integration

I was curious if anyone had signed up to the Morningstar Premium deal where they include Sharesight Investor level in their plan.

Two things how well does integration work and how does the crediting back from what you already paid Sharesight work? I have paid Sharesight as annual deal so unclear how credit would work.


@whitsunday we have many customers finding the Morningstar connection useful, especially with their independent investment research, tools and insights when it comes to making investment decisions.
Please get in touch with our support team via the chat window or email us on to discuss anything specific to your Sharesight account.

Any word on this coming to other countries, i.e. UK?

Hi @nv200 ,

We value our great Partnership with Morningstar and are exploring ways in which we can grow it. We would love to expand this to other markets outside of Australia in the future, but we aren’t there yet. If you’re already a Morningstar UK customer it would be great if you could let them know you’re interested in a Sharesight & Morningstar UK integration.

Thanks for your support!

I use this feature in Australia. Sharesight Premium is complementary with a Morningstar subscription. With Morningstar premium, you can sync/update Sharesight data and then use Morningstar reports and analysis.