Broker integration feature request

I really like sharesight and think its superior in many aspects to some of the other competitive products out there. Areas such as easily seeing how much dividends have contributed to your total return.

However one area it really lacks when compared to competitors is automatic portfolio updating through integration with brokers via services like Plaid or Yodlee. With the current setup it is really hard to make sure my portfolio in sharesight is in sync with my real portfolio which is split across several brokers. On the other hand I also use Yahoo finance and in Yahoo finance I can have my portfolio automatically updated via data sharing from Plaid and Yodlee. It is soooo much better. In fact the lack of automated updating of positions is a reason I may decide not to use sharesight in the future – the cost of manually keeping positions updated is too high.

Are there any plans for this type of integration? I think it would make your product many, many times better and much more competitive with other offerings out there.

Thanks for reading.