IG.com pdf statement upload errors

Incorrect pdf data upload on Sharesight!!!

I am UK based. I use the email upload with the daily pdf statements from the broker. I checked today one of the statements can I can see on the first trade I checked the following errors:-

  • Dealing price (different by 26%)
  • Fees
  • Fx rate.

This is definitely a big concern for me as I am wondering if this is wrong, how many of my other trades are incorrect?!?!? Anyone have similar experiences.

Hi @KennyW, if you haven’t already can you please reach out to our support team directly?

thanks Jack. I have had a response back in the direct message chat, but I have not had any guidance on an expected timeline for getting any feedback from the product team. I am not looking for a conclusion as such, at this stage i am just interested to know what was observed and what the planned way forward is. At the moment I am in the dark and I flagged this up a couple of weeks ago and from what i can see some of my ig.com pdf uploads are wrong.

Just a little update on this one. Sharesight are still looking into this, but it appears that Sharesight struggles to correctly interpret IG.com pdf trade reports when manual currency conversion has been used for the trade.

Note, IG.com allow users to trade with either Automatic currency conversion or Manual. I noticed that when using Automatic the data seemed to go in correctly, but with Manual it was way off.

Anyway, this is not fully solved yet, but I just wanted to add this at the moment, in case anyone else is using IG.com.

A final follow up on this one from me.

In summary, there was no fix from Sharesight. Sharesight incorrectly interprets* pdf upload data from sales on IG.com when using manual fx conversion on IG.com. I suggest if you use that on IG.com you should manually check all your automatic uploads. For me I went back to Automatic currency conversion and then the interpreted data was correct and then I went back and manually edited all the incorrect trades.

*note this failure is not entirely Sharesights fault. For manual fx conversion trades IG.com pdf shows the ‘value’ data in a different currency and this is the reason for the discrepancy as IG.com use this to back calculate the stock price as opposed to using the stock price and the quantity.

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