Holdings transfer between portfolios

It would be very useful to be able to transfer some holdings between portfolios! To do it now it is needed to delete them and upload them again, having to reset everything and confirm all dividend history. A carnage…

Is it possible?

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Hi @Pde, it is possible to do so. Our support team can do this on your behalf, you just need to contact us with the following:

  1. The portfolio name the holdings are currently in
  2. The ticker code for the holdings you want to move
  3. The portfolio name you want to move these holdings to
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Thanks, did it. You may add the possibility to do it without telling you?

This seems like it should be a standard feature. I often move securities in-kind from a CAD to USD account to avoid exchange rate conversions if I sell. Most banks will set up an RRSP US dollar account along with a Canadian RRSP dollar account so I’m sure it’s common for people to move cash and securities between them.

I would like to see this feature. :grinning:

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Yes Jack I know you can do it and you have for me before but surely with the portfolio increase you would rather we did it ourselves. Cant be that difficult to make a user friendly interface?

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