Ability to swap holdings between portfolios

I buy my ASX and US Shares from the same broker. Want to display them as two seperate portfolios but I cannot move holdings between two portfolios. Sharesight cannot handle this without having to contact someone from their support.

Would be good to get this feature as an upgrade?


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Thank you for sharing your idea, I’ve recategorised your post and will pass it to the relevant team for review.

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Would be useful when you start using sharesight with one portfolio…then realise how great it is…so you upgrade to more portfolios…then realise there is no easy way to move holdings across.


Agreed, I have contacted Support Twice to do this already but would have been great to do it myself as self service.

That said I originally moved all my US Shares into another Portfolio and used Consolidated view. However after watching a Reporting video I realised Im not a US Resident, I only need Tax Info based on the ATO Requirements, having in tow separate portfolios mean running multiple reports. So I asked Support to merge the two back together. Now I just run one set of reports for tax time.

So logically think about splitting thigs out, if your a dual citizen and have requirements to pay Tax for both then sure, otherwise having all in one is ok.

I do also see the benefit of splitting out say a SMSF.

I also have 2 portfolios, I moved some stocks from my personal portfolio to a Super portfolio some years ago. I would like to move them in Sharesight without selling from 1 portfolio & buying in the other one.

For now contact Support and give them the name of the original portfolio, the ticker symbol and which portfolio you want it moved too.

I think portfolios should always reflect the tax entity. In the case you describe you are the entity so they should be in the same portfolio. It is very easy within the one portfolio to report on the US shares as a block seperate from the Au shares by grouping by country or market
A seperate case may be if you have two tax entities and do an off market transfer from one to the other for example when doing an in specie transfer from personal holdings to an SMSF. I handle this by recording a sale in one portfolio and purchase in another.

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If we could run our reports by groupings then I would agree. I want to be able to measure the performance of subsets of my shares - i currently have no ability to do this?

You can already run the reports by Groupings such as Country or Market. I do this all the time seeing for example my performance on the Nasdaq versus ASX or my US shares versus my British shares.
You can also use labels to characterise your shares if this is not enough.

Just following up with this topic, unfortunately, we won’t surface this as a feature given the complexities in tax reporting as per @goronwyprice’s previous posts in this thread.