Hi, anyone added either of the above?

In relation to HMC/HDN
-the way in enrtered was no capital reduction to HMC
-entered HDN as “opening balance” 1.33 cost base per share X number of shares

  • issue is when i generate a unrealsied cap gains report…shows long term gain when should be short term as issue was <12 months ago
  • can’t enter as a “bonus” as need to have existing holding in HDN which was not possible as the split from HMC created HDN
    anyone got any ideas on this?

Hi @sydneyshareinvestor!

It’s hard to say without knowing the complete details of the opening balance trade for HDN, what date was this entered?

I’d suggest (if you haven’t already), reaching out to our support team directly so we can view the details of the trade and advise accordingly :+1: