Tabcorp demerger

Hi, any know what the cost base adjustments are for the Tabcorp demerger ?

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There is a capital reduction component, but it’s yet to be released. I’ll update this thread once it is announced.


Thanks Jack

@Jack_Sharesight Hi Jack, TAB or the ATO are taking a long time to give us the details of the adjustments needed for the TAB / TLC demerger. I haven’t added any TLC shares into my SS portfolios as yet and my TAB shares are of course showing a big loss, when in fact there is a bit of a gain overall. Is there any short term entry I can make now for TAH and TLC that would give a clearer picture of overall performance while we wait for more details. Even if it is still somewhat inaccurate, but much less inaccurate. ( I assume that we would then just delete any short term entry made and put in the correct final entries). This wouldn’t be a problem if June 30th wasn’t fast approaching. Any recommendations?


So in the meantime, you can enter your TLC shares as an opening balance. You can update the TAH capital reduction once this information is released

Opening Balance and I add no cost base or share price on that day? Is that correct?

ATO Class Ruling CR2022/58 had been released:
In summary the split is TAH 17.76%: TLC 82.24%