Share consolidation not reporting accurate percentage gain?

Hi all , hope someone can help here , I bought NEU pre consolidation at 12c and 16c and also post consolidation for 3.13 ,my broker account says 2.96 average , current sp is 4.90 , I put approx 4K in and am I’m sitting on 6.6k so over 50% profit yet sharesight is reporting the right capital gain but only 14% profit , any help would be appreciated , I’m guessing maybe I need to add a manual trade for the consolidated shares around 900 at average $2.96 , is this right?

Well buying them didn’t work out , just added to the cap gain but even then the 14% profit didn’t change , got me stumped hopefully one of you guys can point me in the right direction

@egosbar so the performance figure you’ve outlined (likely in your broker) sounds like an absolute percentage gain. What Sharesight is showing you is an annualised figure from when you first bought the stock in November 2017. Because the total dollar figure is correct, the percentages just differ due to this annualisation :+1:

I’ve attached our performance calculation article that outlines the actual specifics of the figures below:

Cheers mate didn’t pick up on that , yes the dollar value is correct , is there a setting for each stock for overall or p/a , same portfolio for cnb you see it’s not p/a as most of my holdings aren’t , neu is on of a few that is p/a

So I see now that p/a is applied to stocks held over one year , would be good to see both options as I would rather see overall profit not annualised but having both would be good
I’ve added to thread feature ideas if anyone agrees please comment on the thread

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@egosbar you’re correct. So it’s when the average years invested (AYI) on a stock is greater than 12 months. In your CNB example, while you did buy initially in June 2020, most of the buying has occurred within the last 12 months, that’s why the figures aren’t annualised.

Your feedback thread will be passed on, but at this stage, there is no way to alter the reporting percentages.