Haleon (HLN) UK Listing


Looks like Haleon (LSE:HLN) isn’t yet available, even though the ADR version is (NYSE:HLN). This is the result of the recent GSK demerger. Is there a timeframe for new LSE listings getting added?

Many thanks

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LSE:HLN appears to be available now. However, I wonder if the demerger from LSE:GSK (a mandatory corporate action) will be processed automatically by Sharesight or this needs to be done manually?

Yep, I saw it appear. I’ve done it manually with a cost basis reduction on GSK and Opening Balance transaction on HLN. Doesn’t look like it’s going to be automated.

To be fair my broker hasn’t done a very good job with the CA either, and my account has an extra £1k against the cost of GSK for no readily apparent reason, so I’m happy to do it myself.

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Typically corporate actions like these need to be actioned manually as there’s a creation of the new stock in your portfolio. If you have a link to the demerger announcement I can update the thread with some steps to handle this one :+1:

Hi Jack. Here’s the documentation from GSK about this: Consumer Healthcare Demerger | GSK

It would be helpful if you could post some info on how to handle this please.