Diversity targets

Let’s say that my plan is to have 20% of my portfolio in EU stock. Right now I can achieve this by adding a custom “EU Stock” category, classifying all corresponding investment instruments as such and then manually checking the proportion of this category in the “diversity” report.

I’d like to suggest doing these checks automatically by allowing the user to set a specific target ratio for each category. We can then have some automatic alerts, but for start it would be enough just to visualize the target (and violations) in the diversity report. Of course one could never achieve the target precisely, so it would have to be set with some tolerance (e.g. “20% +/- 1%”) or just as some allowed range (e.g. “19-21%”).

Ideally the report should also display how much money needs to be added or extracted from this category to achieve the target. E.g. I have 100k USD invested in total, my target for EU stock is 20% and my current investment in EU stock is 18k/18%, the report should indicate that I need to move 2k from other instruments to EU stock to achieve the target of balancing my portfolio.

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