Small idea: Option to ignore 'Uncategorised' in Diversity Report

• What feature do you want to see in Sharesight?

When using the Diversity Report with Custom Groups, I’d like an option to hide ‘Uncategorised’ holdings, so that they don’t appear in the pie chart or in the denominator used to calculate the percentages.

• Why do you want it?

We have a particular holding which we don’t take into account as part of our target portfolio allocation mix. I want to see the Diversity Report using my Custom Groups, but with this holding excluded from the report entirely.

• How is this affecting you?

The Diversity Report is kind of useless to me how it is, and it seems the only way for me to get the results I want presently would be to export data to a spreadsheet. (As suggested here: Can I ignore a holding in the Diversity Report?)

• Do you currently have a workaround solution? If yes, what is it?

Export data to spreadsheet and basically rebuild the Diversity Report myself in Excel every time I want to analyse our portfolio mix. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

• Can we reach out in future to ask follow up questions about this idea?


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+1 from me

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I would like this as well but I need to exclude ‘Cash Accounts’ as well. I wonder if this could be achieved by allowing users to filter the diversity report using labels? That would give the user the flexibility to include only what he/she wants to include.