Diversity Reports - Filter based on Labels

• What feature do you want to see in Sharesight?
I would like to have the ability to filter by Labels in the Diversity Report. This requirement should apply when running the report on an individual portfolio or based on a consolidated view.

• Why do you want it?
My portfolios contains a mix of individual stocks, ETFs and cash accounts. I’d like to be able to exclude ETFs and cash accounts and report on the sector diversity of my individual stocks. For example, if my portfolio has $50K in individual stocks, $40K in ETFs and $10K in cash I would like the % allocation of each individual stock to be stock XYZ / $50K not stock XYZ / $100K.

• How is this affecting you?
Cannot see actual sector diversification of individual stocks within Sharesight.

• Do you currently have a workaround solution? If yes, what is it?
Export data to Excel and do it there.

• Can we reach out in future to ask follow up questions about this idea?