Can I ignore a holding in the Diversity Report?

I’d want a diversity report, but there’s a particular holding that I want to ignore, removing it from both the pie chart and the percentage calculations. So, basically I want to see my portfolio diversity without this share.

Is there a way to do that?

Only way I can achieve that is by running the diversity report with “do not group”. Then click the button to export to excel/google sheets. Remove the unwanted holding, recalculate the grand total and then use a formula to work out the percentages in the spreadsheet. Sort of works and takes about a minute to do :slight_smile:


@gsyd Welcome to the forum! @ridoba’s response is correct. There’s no way to visually exclude a holding from the report wholely.

You can also utilise custom groups to group all the investments you want to see, any you exclude or don’t group will just show in their own ‘uncategorised’ grouping.

Thanks for the replies. Not really keen to export to a spreadsheet as the whole reason I’m paying for Sharesight is to escape the spreadsheets! :sweat_smile:

I’ll drop a little suggestion in the feature requests forum.

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Written up here: