Our newest report is now live! - Exposure Report

Our Exposure report is now available to all Sharesight Investor, Expert and Pro customers!
This report allows you to get a comprehensive understanding of your portfolio’s composition.
You can go through our blog post here and watch the report demo in this link.

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very cool, please expand beyond main market ETFs to include managed funds, you could start with the ones that just invest in vanguard ETFs eg LIF4909AU.FundAU is an equity bond that directly invests in VAS ETF.


Is it possible to add a filter so we can exclude ETFs and stocks that are held as Underlying Ownership. I want to be able see an exposure report on Direct shares only without having hundreds of lines because of broad market ETFs such as SPY/VOO/VTI

Hi @Repeat you might want to check out our diversity report for this. Diversity report gives a good picture of your direct investments whereas the exposure report focusses on the underlying assets of your main market ETFs.

Exposure report is good, nice work!