Custom dates and ranges on portfolio graph

Would be great if we could custom the portfolio graph so you set the range of the intervals so yo can see performance / growth… whatever on year / month intervals. I guess the most uncomfortable thing for me in the platform is the low flexibility of those graphs regarding scales, periods and ranges.

I would have to strongly agree.
I have complained about graphing shares that have stock splits e.g. Apple.

Yes I agree. The bar graph is very inflexible. I’m looking at a range of 16 months which for some reason is divided into 4 graphs of 4 months each?? Surely calendar months would be better.

If the limitation is imposed to save data crunching overhead for the server CPU and to limit DB calls, consider having the historical data saved for each month on the first display request. That way there are no complex calculations or big data arrays next time. Just a thought.