ASB security

Hi there,
anyone tried to import trading history from ASB security? I got asked to enter netcode however i never receive one.
Sharesight said it’s asb’s issue. ASB doesn’t know what is wrong.

Hi Stu ,
Just been through all of that with Asb and sharesight , I have found no work around at all for it as ASb can only give me a historical PDF and no CSV file either for my trading history which is a real shame as I am now having to ask Sharesight for a refund . When you use say Polipay ect there is not a netcode asked for so I think the problem is at Sharesight end .

I gave SS what they asked for trying my #6 digit CMA code, finally gave my letter/number code based in part on my name and finally got through. Downloaded fine but not after trying various things plus new password.

Hi @StuDaMan Netcode is issued by ASB Securities and Sharesight has no connection or control over it.
I believe you can only download your trading history into a PDF file from ASB, if that’s the case we can help you with steps to convert it to a csv file which can be uploaded using our bulk import feature. Please get in touch with our support team through chat window or email to help you on this.

Hi @Stevo Sharesight has no connection or control over the Netcode requested by ASB. Our product team is in touch with ASB Securities on this matter now.

There are plenty of tools, some free, that will convert a PDF to Excel. You should be able to convert your broker supplied PDF. Then when it is in Excel delete any unnecessary data , put it in the Sharesight recommended format and save it as a CSV. You should then be able to bring in all the historic trades. Google PDF to Excel it find the tools.

Thanks @goronwyprice and @Piumi_Sharesight for the ideas. Ok for the workarounds.
Just found it is a bit misleading ASB Security is the in the import page and even prompts users to enter NetCode while it doesn’t actually work.
Hope ShareSight can sort it out with ASB, makes users life easier :grinning: