Zapier integration

  • What: I would love to see Sharesight added as an app in Zapier
  • Why: Give access to your industry leading SDK to non-programmers, making it much more accessible, visible and useful. For example, I would use it to easily build a sync for a Google Sheets table of all my unlisted fund investment price history and transaction data
  • How: Without this feature, I am bound to maintaining price history of each custom investment in a very manual manner
  • Workaround: I dont. This is the workaround :slight_smile: My initial idea was a Google Sheets sync feature. But Zapier integration would allow so many more features for most users, such as alerting of price moves or large holding changes in Slack, Teams etc… Tons of freebie gimmicks such as changing the color of a smart lamp to red/green based on your portfolio performance for the day :slight_smile:
  • Happy to discuss further.