What was your best performing stock for 2021?

Thought it might be fun seeing it’s almost the end of 2021 to see what people’s best/favourite investments have been…

I got lucky and bought shares in Novonix (NVX) at around $1.30 and it’s run hard on all this ‘green’ sentiment over the past year, averaged up again around the $2.70 mark as well

had a couple of stinkers though too, Strategic Elements (SOR) I bought in around the 60c’s and it’s plummeted down to about 22c now. It’s also a Pooled Development Fund (PDF) which means I can’t even claim the losses on CGT :sob:

Any good picks people had they want to share? And/or what you’re looking at for 2022?

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my best performer was Zimplats (ASX:ZIM) who mine for precious metals in Africa

almost doubled in price over the past 12 months, very low price to earnings (~4) ratio mainly due to perceived ‘sovereign risk’

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TSLA was a nice performer for me in its most recent run-up. BBT.ASX was a strong performer but has been tanking the last few weeks, but I’m holding out hope for 2022 :pray:

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LYC - bought just after their cash issue $2.35 in September 2020 and added more earlier this year. Still holding. Also bought PLL $0.30 and still accumulating. If they can get their North Carolina license sorted, will be interesting in 2022.

Worst bet. Bought NUF on the SimplyWall.St valuation: Nufarm (ASX:NUF) - Stock price, News & Analysis. Maybe 2022.

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Very happy with NZX : RAK, only 110% since June '21. Got lucky with NZX : ZEL , hopefully the Ampol deal will get Com Com approval.