BUYING/SELLING shares , Right or Wrong

You do your research , you buy/ sell and … you were wrong . What do you do ? Buying/selling wrong is unavoidable but staying wrong is a choice .

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Hey farming - When I first started investing I would hold on to a losing stock. Very hard to sell and always hoping for a recovery. Now I am much quicker at cutting it free. I have learnt and understand opportunity cost much better these days. Much rather put my money into performing shares.

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Hi Eel , same here . When trend is down , like MFG we discussed the other day I will only buy back once it goes above 200 line , it might stay below for 1 day , 1 year or 5 years , no one knows , opportunity cost like you say could be small or huge . Cheers

MFG I feel the same…what will results look like on 17th aug? may move funds to Lakehouse global

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Great plan , Joe is great , I stole his PNI idea sometime ago , it did me great :slight_smile:

yes I’ve been tracking PNI since noticing Joe’s notes, just bought small tracking share parcel this morning PNI and DMP

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Hi Farming, It is so nice to see that you are well and active here. You are sorely missed in the SA forum. Hope to read more of your informative posts in the future. All the best.

Cheers Fionaleung , I introduced many topics over there to keep the thread going but then became tall poppy in the negative way :slight_smile: In the end it became time consuming and fruitless . I hope you are doing well with investing .

Hi Farming, My investing is doing well in general thanks to all the good advises from reading your posts in SA. I hope to learn more here. All the best wishes. Kind regards,

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Hey farming - APX has come into my thoughts about getting rid of now. I know in hindsight I should have a while ago as it came down from its highs. Do you still own? My thinking is selling and putting proceeds in LH small caps.

Hi Eel on APX I sold out but will buy again back 1/4 as soon as it breaches EMA weekly $13.15 and again 1/4 when it breaches EMA monthly $18 and the rest once it breaches 200DMA which atm stands at $19 . Mind you results are out in a few days so that could be a game changer . Yesterday and day before it retreated as it was removed from ASX 100 and Board renewal . I still like it but I DO NEED share price confirmation and will not buy until my line is confirmed. Btw yesterday bough back into MFG as it crossed the line , results are on Tuesday so should it grow nicely it will be good decision but should it fall after the results … out it will go again. These are days when market is at heady highs and any slip up will be costly and that is the main reason why I now trust 200 DMA . When everything is at ATH but one of my holdings is lagging I am not too happy about it . Again its your decision but APX is on its backside so if you want to wait another few days for the results . 200DMA is falling so if nothing happens soon DMA will be $14-15 within a month a two anyway . Best

Hi @farming1 ,

Knowing when to sell is a constant struggle for me. Any tips? The share I’m grappling with currently is ORE if that helps…

Hi Jess, ORE has had a great ride , however I would sell if it closes below $8.90 . To me that would mean trend is breaking or stumbling .What I do, is wait for 3.45pm and if it trades at even a cent below $8.90 I’d be out . Should it not do that ( it doesn’t look it will do that today ) I will wait for it to go above last weeks high of $9.97 and move my new stop 1 cent above . I never want to give back all my profits , giving back some is okay imo. As you know it’s your decision as always. On the other hand it has a great future and it might very well be $20 next year , the question is will it get ther via $15 or via $5 first and then back up. Because no one knows I would lock in my profits and after more good news ( should there be some more) get back in again slowly if necessary. Best

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MFG report looks good to me. Thoughts?

MFG Under delivered by 2%-4% from expected .

Hi farming, MFG share price drops by 8% after the result comes out today. Any thoughts on its future? Is it a case of buy, hold or sell? I am a current holder of the stock. Many thanks.

MFG was sell for me as soon as I read the results this morning , sorry Fionaleung . I will only re -buy it after if and when it comes back above 200 line which is $51 or thereabouts . p.s. if you are in it for long time it will come back , question is when ? 1week , 1 month or 1 year or longer , that we don’t know until it happens .

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Agree Farming thought MFG results average, i did think about selling low $50s however i’m in at $34 so will probably stay, for now.
Do you think there is any macro issues with MFG ?
Btw good to see you online hope you are well.

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Many thanks on your thoughts on MFG. BTW, for the sake of education, would you mind explaining which set of figures in the result leads you to the “sell” conclusion? I want to understand the art of reading annual reports. Many thanks again. :grinning:

I remember discussing stock we would hold forever. I think those days may be ending. Maybe every stock has it day in the sun… However I think Magellan will get back on track.