NYSE or ASX: What do you think will perform better in 2022?

Looking into the future, which market do you see performing better in 2022?

I would actually say the ASX this year due to how heavy our market is in commodities… might finally be the year in recent memory that VAS outperforms VTS!

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it looks like American tech is bouncing back strong recently

when in doubt, always bet on NDQ :+1:

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I won’t bet against NDQ. It’s a cracking ETF with Risk that I can tolerate.

Anyone who actually KNOWS the answer would not share it.

As for the experts on Bloomberg, CNBC and others, you would have lost plenty of money if you had followed their advice, meaning even the so called “experts” opinions are only correct 33% of the time.

It’s an interesting discussion, but realistically you may as well ask your 5 year old, or read the tea-leaves if you need a second opinion.

However given the nature of the two markets the choice is between technology and resources.

If we have high inflation AND a strong economy, then my money would be on ASX because there are plenty of resource stocks.

On the other hand, if we have a global recession, that’s bad for commodities and resources. Technology should be less affected by recession. Therefore, if I see a recession, AND falling inflation, I would go for NYSE, as it has more technology stocks.

As neither of these scenarios may play out, I would hold both markets to hedge my bet. For example, we may get Stagflation, i.e. inflation and a recession.