View trades/holdings by broker

I can’t find a way to tag a broker when adding trades in Sharesight. Have I missed something or is this feature not available?

I have a number of brokers and it would be very helpful to track by broker and type of account. For example, in the UK you can easily have three accounts with one broker e.g. ISA, SIPP & General account.

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Hi @lucas ,

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Lots of people use our labels feature for this and we’ve published a help article on this.

Thanks, I have had a look and it seems you can only add a label by holding. So if you hold a stock across two brokers the label feature doesn’t work. If you could add a label by transaction it would solve the issue.


Hi Lucas,

I’ve got the same problem. Same holding across different brokers. The only way I’ve easily been able to discriminate is to mouse over the attachments in the individual equity to see which broker the buy/sell went through (because I forward the confirmations to Sharesight). Helps on Buy/Sell but doesn’t solve DRP and doesn’t give a consolidated view.

I agree that it would be great to be able to see the chess sponsorship broken down within each holding. I have the same problem when automated dividends are issued. I end up needing to delete them and manually recreate for each CHESS sponsorship.

The other weakness here is that the Xero syncronisation can only sync to one brokerage account per portfolio as well.



We had long discussions on this in the previous forum, now closed.
By broker, HIN number will simplify lot of filtering work outside sharesight.

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The ‘Labels’ feature is let down by very inefficient application/ presentation. Specifically, on selecting ‘Manage Labels’ the list of holdings is presented in seemingly random order and includes closed positions even when the portfolio is viewed with ‘Showing open positions only’ selected.