Tag transactions by broker

Sharesight doesn’t seem to have the ability to tag transactions against a broker, which makes it very painful to reconcile holdings if you hold an asset across multiple brokers.

Custom groups and labels don’t work as they are across all holdings - i.e. not at a transaction level.

Any solutions? Any update from Sharesight on a fix for this?

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With the proliferation of trading platforms, this feature is needed. Sharesight should support competition amongst platforms by supporting their customers to trade in whichever platform(s) provide the most value.

Update - this is really about what registry or under what custodian/nominee name the shares are held. It causes all sorts of issues in the tax reporting as nominees tend to provide aggregate tax information to IRD.

Sharesight prevents adding duplicate holdings for the same stock. If this was simply enabled users could use the custom groups to tag each holding with the relevant custodian or register. Splitting a single stock into the two holdings would also enable the confirmation of dividends via each registry/custodian. In addition, this would enable easy recording if one registry is set to reinvest dividends and one nominee does not support this. Under the current set up this requires a partial reinvestment option.

A specific feature to tag holdings against a registry/custodian would additionally allow this to be utilised as a grouping in the tax reports supporting direct comparisons against information share registries/nominees supply to the IRD and via tax reporting.