Using Sharesight for Portfolio comprising Shares, Bonds, Term Deposits and Cash Accounts

I have found Sharesight great, but also have other investments beyond shares.

I am keen to do a better job of using Sharesight, or put the non-share related stuff into Xero which I am starting out with, full of trepidation.

One idea is to put all the cash into Xero, and just the bonds into Sharesight. But many of the bonds are either Inflation linked, indexed annuity bonds, or Floating rate bonds. My Bond Broker provides an overview service for Bonds only, but it is limited and in any case offline at the moment after a data breach.

I really like to have a single window, but it its too hard to maintain, it is of limited value.

Hi Roger. dis you ever get an answer to this question? I am new to Sharesight and just asked essentially the same question in the forum. Regards, Karl

HI Freeze

Not really.

I have inflation linked products, floating rate notes, and other unlisted bonds that I buy, and occasionally sell, through a specialist bond broker. The broker has a portal that reports these, but I like the idea of a single window (SS) and reducing manual effort

I think SS resources are limited to undertake interfaces to the data stream from the broker. I think the broker exports to BGL, which is fine for Super but not useful for 3 other portfolios I run.

If you’d like we could talk on the phone.


I use sharesight for my bond portfolio.
Each time my bond broker purchases a bond I set it up as a new custom investment (fixed interest type) … if its fixed rate I enter the rate, if inflation linked or floation rate then I just enter the interest payment (or interest + capital return) whenever I get a payment coupon. Every month when I get a monthly statement I update the latest market value of the bond. I am generally holding the bonds for an extended period rather than trading them so this level of work seems OK to get everything in one place.

Accountant wants everything in Xero, but I have shared sharesight with them and have trained them to get things from there. I just put the bond coupons into Xero as part of my bank reconciliation process. Beware of Sharesight to Xero interface … its messed me up big time in the past … I found the stocks were OK but the ETFs with the annual statements made a bit of a mess of my Xero and it took me a long time to clean it up. I have turned off Sharesight to Xero integration.

The main thing missing from my Sharesight single window are Options (but I think there is probably too much data from that so I’m OK just to manage my Options in Interactive Brokers as their reporting tools are pretty good once you work out how to use them).

Thanks Tristan,

I’ve done something similar.

Do you do the bank rec. using Xero?