Manual Bonds entry - A quick solution to let us manage our bonds through Sharesight

Would it be possible to create a template in Custom Investments specifically for bonds? Or even better, a specific manual bond entry interface as the custom investment UI is compromised for this purpose.

That way we can track bonds in our portfolio. Given that bonds are often a major part of any portfolio, it seems weird this is not covered by Sharesight

The required fields would be (non-exhaustive; see a typical bond tracking site for more info):

  • Name (compulsory)
  • ISIN (optional)
  • Currency (compulsory)
  • Type (eg gov, corporate, other)
  • Rating (optional)
  • Issue date (compulsory)
  • Maturity date (compulsory)
  • Trade date
  • Price (%) (compulsory)
  • Brokeradge Fee (optional)
  • Taxes (optional) [taxes = stamp duty etc when buying/selling)
  • Possibly some other fields (remarks etc)

The current custom investment interface is unusable for the the purpose of tracking bonds in a portfolio:

  • It’s a blanket solution catering to many options (thereby not offering all the necessary entries needed for tracking bonds in a sensible way, i.e., allowing Sharesight to calculate correct returns etc)
  • one obvious weird mistake in the concept is the lack of currency. The field country seems to be misappropriated to determine currency which is non-sensical: there is no link between country of the issuer vs the currency of the bond.

For a portfolio management software, one would think that bonds, together with stocks, would be a main component and not an afterthought!

Please prioritize this feature!

It’s such a shame we have to keep bonds in simple spreadsheet when we couldtrack our stocks via a wonderful interface!